Twinning of the festivals “Abanico” and “Canzoni dal Mondo” with “Universong”

In an event held in Tenerife, the director of the Universong - International Song Festival of the Canary Islands, Guillermo Albelo, composer and producer from Tenerife, has delivered the "Tabaibas de Platinos" to his colleagues Rossi Yordanova (Bulgaria), director of the festival of music "Fan" and Francesco Colasanto (Italy), director of the "Canzoni del Mondo"

“California Flowers”, new instrumental album by ETCÉTERA

ETCÉTERA - "California Flowers" The Canarian record label Tabaiba Records publishes "California Flowers", a new instrumental album by the Canarian artist "ETCÉTERA". Participating artists:Guillermo Albelo: Composition, arrangements, production, guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, congas, percussion and background vocalsGilberto Martín: Mixing, mastering and bass in "Naked landscape" and "California Highway"Samuel Trujillo: Electric guitar in

Osisamanba – New album by ALBELO

OSISAMANBA The Canarian label Tabaiba Records publishes "OSISAMANBA - Afrobeat Funky Latin Rock Symphony" new album by "ALBELO". This solo instrumental work by the composer Guillermo Albelo contains twelve new songs and this album is dedicated to four well-known bands: Santana, Osibisa, Madrill and Barrabas. A tribute that is added to the