UNIVERSONG 2018 – Festival Internacional de la Canción de las Islas Canarias

On October 18, the 17th edition of the Universong – International Song Song Festival of the Canary Islands, with the participation of 30 artists from Portugal, Italy, was held at the Capitol Municipal Auditorium in Tacoronte (Tenerife). Ukraine, Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

In the competition part, they were classified in the first three places, Portugal, Bulgaria and Ukraine, in the junior category. In the category of over 16s, Spain, Italy and Malta were the three countries awarded the first, second and third prize.

The gala was produced for TV and soon it will be broadcasted by different channels in Europe and America.

More information about the festival at www.universong.com

Awards – Category 1 – 10 -15 years old

Awards – Category 1 – + 16 years old


Guest Artists

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