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A Horse With No Name – Electro Mix

A HORSE WITH NO NAME (Electro Mix) "A Horse With No Name" (Electro Mix) is the new single by ETCÉTERA. It includes a version of the well-known AMERICA group theme and an original song. Etcétera's Team: Jason Colannino (lead vocals), Guillermo Albelo (arrangements, keyboards, guitars and background vocalsl), Gilberto Martín (mixing and

Second International Meeting ALFA – Alliance of Festivals and Artists – Rome 2018

La sede del Instituto Cervantes en Roma acogió la semana pasada el Segundo Encuentro Internacional de ALFA Alliance of Festivals and Artists. Directores de festivales internacionales de música y músicos profesionales de Italia, Polonia, Malta, Portugal, Suiza, Bulgaria y España participaron en esta reunión en la que se trataron diversos temas relativos a la

Universong 2018 – Festival Internacional de la Canción de las Islas Canarias

UNIVERSONG 2018 - Festival Internacional de la Canción de las Islas Canarias On October 18, the 17th edition of the Universong - International Song Song Festival of the Canary Islands, with the participation of 30 artists from Portugal, Italy, was held at the Capitol Municipal Auditorium in Tacoronte (Tenerife). Ukraine, Romania,

Euro Pop Contest

EUROPOP CONTEST Euro Pop Contest is organized by Musik, Treffs und Veranstaltungen e.V. and the unique possibility for talented kids and teenagers to come on the first stage to a big world of a popmusic! The international finale of Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix „Berliner Perle” with more than 50 participants at the

Festival Star Rain Prague

Festival Star Rain Prague International Children and Youth Festival Competition "Star Rain in Prague" The 9th International Youth and Children’s music festival “Star Rain in Prague” Prague is one of the most charming cities of Europe! Is there anything more beautiful? Well, there is! It is festival-contest “The