Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix Berliner Perle

Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix “Berliner Perle”

Euro Pop Contest is organized by Musik, Treffs und Veranstaltungen e.V. and the unique possibility for talented kids and teenagers to come on the first stage to a big world of a popmusic!

The international finale of Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix „Berliner Perle” with more than 50 participants at the age between 10 and 24 years from 14 countries, such as Germany, Russia, UK, Sweden, Philippines, Azerbaizhan, USA, Israel, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Bulgaria take place from 22. to 26.11.2018 as usually in Berlin.

The Euro Pop Contest Grand Prix „Berliner Perle” is a brilliant chance for children and youth from different countries to demonstrate their vocal talent and compare against each other. The contest is adressed to young fledgling artists in three different age classes: 10 — 13, 14 — 17, and 18 — 24 years, moreover year after year it becomes increasingly popular in Germany and many other countries, by Berliner and visitors of the city.

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