Julio Castejón

JULIO CASTEJÓN Born in Madrid on June 9, 1951. Son and grandson of railway workers, he grows up in a humble family that lives in a neighborhood near the station. He lives a childhood marked by the urban environment, the Francoist school, football, comics and the radio that sounds through the neighborhood patio. Through it, the explosion of rock and roll and the arrival of the Beatles reaches him.

Already in the institute he has the first contact with a guitar, but it is, from the death of his father, when he is only fourteen years old, that he feels vocation for music. He starts playing with friends from the neighborhood and enters the Hándicap at only eighteen. It is a group in pop wave where he plays the guitar and acts as a solo voice acting in small stages of theaters and discos of the time.

Later it is part of the refoundation of  Asfalto en 1974, the group that would mark his life forever. Under this name he performs more than one thousand five hundred concerts and publishes almost twenty albums. He is the only member who participates in all the formations, thus becoming the backbone of the band and the necessary reference to understand his artistic career.

In parallel to his career with  Asfalto, Julio Castejón has been a record producer and has participated in other artistic projects, some signed under his own name. In 2000 he published  “¿Hay Alguien Ahí?” His first solo album; In 2004, he repeated his experience with “El Corazón de la Manzana” and in 2011 he presented  “Vía Cortada al Paraíso”.

Just in 2011, coinciding with his 60th birthday, he surprises with the publication of an autobiographical book “Ahora que me acuerdo” in which he reflects his life experience, testimony of time and the environment that he has lived. This literary desire, which comes from old, is also reflected in the publication in 2015 of his second book “Asfalto, Manual de Uso” a work where he orders all the creative work of the band to which he has devoted most of his lifetime.

Julio Castejón has been characterized for being a balanced musician who tries to maintain a coherent line in everything he composes, appreciating in his work a certain essential eclecticism. Even so, his name is among the most respected of the group of active rock musicians in Spain. The majority places it closer to progressive rock than to pop or jazz, but all emphasize its ability to invent stories that convey emotionality and a certain poetic sensitivity to describe everyday life and the environment that has been common to him about his time, well be current or past.

Julio Castejón remains active enjoying a resurgence of Asfalto. Somehow this includes recognition of his career; undoubtedly one of the most extensive of how many exist within the rock sung in Spanish.